What is Maine Startup and Create Week (#MSCW)?

44 events over 8 days. That’s what #MSCW is.  A celebration and showcase of Maine’s innovators and entrepreneurs.  That’s what #MSCW is.  A glimpse at the future of Maine’s economy.  That’s what #MSCW is.

I’ve written often on this blog on the importance of aspirations for greatness and story telling.  This is the idea behind #MSCW.  Encouraging our great Maine companies, new and less-new, big & small, every shape and size to THINK BIG.  To take the leap with new innovations, to realize that there are many around them in Maine doing the same thing.  Every day of the event, Maine entrepreneurs and innovators will tell the story behind their company and their effort.  Every day there will be events where serendipitous collisions happen between people ideas and resources.  And every day, we will be focusing the discussions about the positive opportunities of the future and not the negative perspective of the past.

Maine is a wonderful place. When I traveled the country, everywhere I went I found people who talked with envy about wanting to live in Maine.  Well, the secret is that there are a bunch of folks, not only living in Maine, but their building world class companies doing world-class things.  Come hear about them and meet them.

MSCW will feature entrepreneurs and their companies from all over Maine, including Caribou, Orono, MDI, Rockland, Belfast, Scarborough, Portland, and many, many more. Check out the events website for more details.  Early bird ticket prices end tomorrow, don’t miss out:  Here’s the latest update (cross posted with Startup Portland):

Dear Friends,

68. That’s how many speakers are now listed on our website. Every week- no- every day, more incredible speakers confirm that they want to come to Portland in June to tell their story or be a part of this wonderful event.

With only 27 days ’til it all kicks off with the PROPEL Entreverge Awards, we’re going to use this email to provide you with more detailed updates.

By the way, let us know if you have questions! Just email us at info@mainestartupandcreateweek.com.

Why are we so excited? Well, we’ve got some pretty awesome things to be fired up about – and this is only the beginning!

1. We have more than 44 events planned for our first effort- that’s even more that Austin, Texas who had only 25 at their first event!

2. Our ‘House of Genius’ event on Monday, June 16th will be the launch of “House of Genius, Portland, Maine”. This is an incredibly innovative and unique event to support entrepreneurs and growing companies. Oh, and just wanted to mention that we’ll be announcing our chapter of “Genius” BEFORE Boston announces theirs AND the next city biggest city IN THE WORLD with House of Genius chapter is Reno, Nevada (with over 200,000 residents). Not too bad!

3. The response from Mainers and people who love Maine in startup and innovation communities across the country has been absolutely amazing – stay tuned for more announcements about how we’re partnering with Mainers in other parts of the country.

Venues: Almost all of our events will be held at one of three locations: The Portland Public Library, Portland Masonic Temple, and the new Hyatt Place. With the Maine Magazine Startup and Create Week Hub located at One City Center, all of our venues are within a block walk of the Hub.

Affiliated Events: You’ll start to see “affiliated events” listed on our schedule. These are events being produced by our friends in the ecosystem that are outside the regular schedule. They’re great organizations and we totally think you should take a look at them! View the schedule.

Tickets: For most events, there are either DAY passes or WEEK passes. However, some of the events have individual tickets and some are free (yes, there are some complexities, but that’s what happens when we jam a bunch of awesome events into one conference-like week!) Events that have their own tickets/signup will include (but are not limited to): PROPEL Entreverge Awards, the “Think Big” Bash, 2 Degrees Portland Mixer, Creative Toolbox, Score Anniversary Luncheon. Get Tickets- Early Bird Prices only available until tomorrow!

Complimentary Startup Weekend Passes: Folks who buy a WEEK pass will receive a complimentary ticket to participate in Startup Weekend.

Instagram: Check out our Instagram account (@mestartupandcreateweek) and show us what its like to be an entrepreneur in Maine by posting a pic with the hashtag #MSCW.

Free flights to Portland: Some of you are from Maine, some of you aren’t but if you know someone who might want to work in a startup or innovative company in Maine, encourage them fill out this form! We’re going to select 10 applicants and fly them to Maine for FREE. We have lots to show off and we want these folks to see the opportunities first hand!

Volunteer: For people who are interested in being involved but don’t know how: VOLUNTEER! There are special benefits for volunteers who commit to half-day & full day shifts. Sign-up HERE to volunteer some time for MSCW.

Questions: There are a ton of other details on our FAQ page.

Thanks again for the support. We’re pumped to show off Maine and watch the collaboration and connections happen. We hope you’re as excited as we are!


Jess Knox

P.S. Wait until you see my friend, Greg Tehven, talk about what they’re doing in Fargo, ND- It’s a very cool story! You can see Greg on Tuesday afternoon. Check out his Tedx talk HERE.


Jess Knox

About Jess Knox

Born in Waterville, Jess Knox is a former high-ranking U.S. Small Business Administration official in Washington. Now living in Southern Maine, he is passionate about growing prosperity via entrepreneurship, innovation and startups in Maine. These days he helps companies pursue growth through his firm Olympico Strategies as a consultant and movement-maker. He also co-founded Maine Startup & Create Week